The ADOT safe-driving tips and resources at inform motorists about how to stay safe on Arizona’s roads.

Safety Corridors

Arizona has four Safety Corridors

In December 2016 and January 2017, four permanent Safety Corridors were implemented in Arizona – two at urban locations in Phoenix and two at rural locations.

This safety-related education and enforcement program is intended to reduce crashes, injuries and deaths on four freeway corridors using special signs, targeted public information outreach and increased enforcement. The Safety Corridor program is a joint effort by ADOT, Department of Public Safety and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

Safety Corridors are located at:

  • I-10 in downtown Phoenix, mileposts 143-147
  • US 60 between Loop 101 and Loop 202, mileposts 177-190
  • I-10 between Loop 202 and SR 387, mileposts 162-185
  • I-40 between mileposts 49-72

Safety Corridors are special segments of highway that have been selected for driver education and increased enforcement.


What should drivers expect? On the surface, drivers will see additional signage encouraging safe driving behavior and more patrol cars. Those two factors – education and enforcement – should result in fewer crashes in these corridors, making the highway safer. If you drive through a Safety Corridor and obey the speed limits and all other driving laws, you have nothing to worry about and can expect to encounter better driver behavior. For those who speed, drive distracted or aggressively, they can expect to have a highway patrol officer save them from hurting or killing themselves or others, in addition to a citation and fine. Speeding is the most common cause of crashes in Arizona and drivers must understand that their actions can make roads safer for everyone, especially themselves.

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