Driving safety tips and resources from the Arizona Department of Transportation at FocusOnDriving.com keep motorists prepared on Arizona’s roads.


sky over roadway

Pull Aside, Stay Alive

¿En dónde estarás cuando pase la tormenta de polvo?

view of dust storm under overpass

Qué hacer si de repente te encuentras en medio de una tormenta de polvo.

Road Sign: Road Work Ahead

Pay attention and slow down because most people injured in work zone crashes are vehicle occupants.

Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained.

Don't let your car ignite a brush fire.

road sign in a construction zone - Left Lane Closed Ahead

A new effort to reduce construction travel delays that requires the cooperation of motorists to effectively minimize traffic congestion.

Zipper Merge Example

The concept is simple: Using two lanes as long as possible into a lane restriction can move traffic more efficiently than everyone trying to merge earlier.

Move over Video Screenshot Espaniol

Muévete a otro carril. Siempre con todos los vehiculos.

"Move Over," save lives

If you get in a crash and there are no injuries, move your vehicle out of travel lanes.


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