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Quick Clearance

If you're in a non-injury collision, move your vehicle out of travel lanes...

If you have the misfortune to be involved in a non-injury fender bender on a freeway, do not leave your car stopped in travel lanes, while you circle the vehicle taking photos of dents and dings from dozens of angles and waiting for a forensics team to arrive and piece together the cause of the collision.

That’s not safe and they’re not coming.

If you find yourself in this situation move your vehicle to the shoulder where you can safely exchange information with the other driver, inspect your vehicle for damage and wait for law enforcement to arrive. This is called “Quick Clearance” and is a traffic incident management strategy that keeps motorists safe and traffic moving.

If you get in a crash and there are no injuries, move your vehicle out of travel lanes.

Si te involucras en un choque y no hay heridos, retira tu vehículo de los carriles de circulación.

Traffic Incident Management chart

After a crash use quick clearance and stay safe