The safe-driving tips and resources at inform motorists about how to stay safe on Arizona’s roads.

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Two men putting up a Wrong Way sign

Learn more about the Wrong-Way Driver Safety Program.

Know the law... Move Over!

Safety Corridors are special segments of highway that have been selected for driver education and increased enforcement.

The modern roundabout is designed to reduce crashes and improve traffic flow. 

ramp meter lights

An extended red means a wrong-way driver has been detected.

Roundabouts (spanish: Glorietas)

Cómo conducir alrededor de las glorietas o rotondas modernas.

Drive Aware - Get There

Do you know what to do if you encounter a wrong-way driver?

mobile phone with ADOT Alerts app

Download the ADOT Alerts App and know when highway closures occur near you.

Video PSA about the ADOT Alerts phone application.