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Brush Fires

Do not cause a fire: Check the chains, do not throw cigarette butts out the window

Although employees of the Arizona Department of Transportation during winter and spring cut the grass that grows on the side of the road, they remove the dry sticks, and to prevent the spread of fires they spray fire retardant liquid on the access roads that ADOT use; Motorists also play a very important role.

Here are some ways drivers can help reduce sparks that cause fires:

  • Dragging chains while something is being towed can cause sparks; Check and fasten the chains before starting your trip.
  • Make sure nothing is hanging under your vehicle or dragging on the pavement.
  • Check tire pressure before traveling. If a tire is with less air pressure, the tire can cause sparks.
  • Do not park where there is tall grass since the heat from the bottom of the vehicle can cause a fire.

For more information visit Arizona Interagency Wildfire Prevention.