Driving safety tips and resources from the Arizona Department of Transportation at FocusOnDriving.com keep motorists prepared on Arizona’s roads.

Focus on Driving

An Important Message from Dallas Hammit, Deputy Director for Transportation

Focus on driving — not only is that phrase good, straightforward advice for drivers, it’s also the name of a brand-new ADOT website offering visitors safe-driving resources and tips.

On the site, you’ll find information on a number of safety-related topics — everything from ADOT Alerts and quick clearance to work-zone safety and zipper merge.

There are so many articles, tips, videos and infographics — plus, many of the agency’s current and past safety campaigns are on the site, too. Topics on the site include wrong-way drivers, dust storms, winter weather, child safety seats, Arizona’s “Move Over” law, Safety Corridors and more.

I encourage all of you to check it out at focusondriving.com, and be sure to share the link with your family and friends because we all know that when drivers are informed and up to date, they make better choices.

Problem Solving

There’s one more reminder I want to share with you this month and it has to do with problems. I know that no matter what job title you hold, you encounter problems from time to time. Those problems may be small or they might actually be significant enough that they interfere with your ability to do your job. Through Continuous Improvement, we’ve all been given new tools to solve problems. One of those tools is the problem-solving register.

Utilizing the problem-solving register is crucial to getting your problems addressed and, more importantly, solved. I encourage you all to work with your team and put your problems on the register!