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July 2019 — Over the decades, technology sure has changed, but the weather-related issues facing Arizona drivers haven’t.

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June 2019 — You can easily contribute to a safer commute for everyone if you secure your load.

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April/May 2019 — Did you know that May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month?

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March 2019 — All around the country, state DOTs, along with our federal partners and various transportation associations will all focus on workzone safety April 8-12.

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February 2019 — Focus on driving. Not only is that phrase good, straightforward advice for drivers, it’s also the name of a brand-new ADOT website offering visitors safe-driving resources and tips.

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January 2019 — The state’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) is ready for another update …

Two men putting up a Wrong Way sign

Learn more about the Wrong-Way Driver Safety Program.

Move Over Video Screenshot

Every vehicle. Every time.

roundabout graphic visualization from video

The modern roundabout is designed to reduce crashes and improve traffic flow. 

ramp meter lights

An extended red means a wrong-way driver has been detected.