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Seat Belt Safety Tips

It's simple: seat belts save lives

Nearly nine in 10 Arizonans buckle up, but about a quarter of those killed annually in car crashes in Arizona aren't wearing a seat belt.

Buckling up is the most effective and easiest thing to do to reduce the number of traffic fatalities and serious injuries the occur on our roadways.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety has more information about seat belt safety.

hands fastening seat belt

De acuerdo a la Administración Nacional  de Seguridad del Tráfico en las Carreteras  (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) de las 37,461 personas que murieron en choques de vehículos en el 2016, 48 por ciento no llevaban puesto su cinturón de seguridad.

hands fastening seat belt

Seat belts save lives.