Driving safety tips and resources from the Arizona Department of Transportation at FocusOnDriving.com keep motorists prepared on Arizona’s roads.

Driving Safety Home

Driving Safety Home reminds everyone to make transportation safety a priority...

Driving Safety Home is the Arizona Department of Transportation's campaign to reduce the number of people seriously injured and killed in preventable transportation-related incidents.

Launched in 2013, the initiative aims to motivate positive changes in driver behavior through an increased awareness about transportation safety. Monthly messages from ADOT's state engineer encourage drivers to model a strong safety culture — previous topics have included teen-driver safety, distracted driving and work-zone awareness.

Did You Know?

Most fatal and injury crashes and incidents are totally preventable! Simply fastening a safety belt, slowing down, wearing a helmet or waiting to send a text message can be the difference between life and death or a lifetime with a painful or debilitating injury. 

Take the Driving Safety Home Pledge

By taking this pledge, you agree to make safety a priority and set a positive example for others. It is a step that demonstrates your individual commitment to this lifesaving effort. Print it, sign it and post it where you'll see it every day.

Driving Safety Home 2021 logo

February 2021 — By sharing transportation safety information with our family, friends and loved ones, each of us can make an impact.

Driving Safety Home 2021 logo

January 2021 — The new year is a good time to set goals and determine your priorities. This year, I hope that you’ll join me in resolving to be a safer driver. 

Driving Safety Home 2020 logo

July 2020 — ADOT recently published the latest Motor Vehicle Crash Facts report and I’m happy to say that there’s some good news in there. 

Driving Safety Home 2020 logo

June 2020 — Because of COVID-19, we should all be paying attention to our physical and mental health. But it's also important that we do not forget about our physical safety during this time.